New Patient Center


Before your first visit

You can save some time at your first visit by completing forms ahead of time and bringing them with you.

New Patient Intake Form

You can submit a New Patient Form online to help us get to know you. You can complete your New Patient Form online before your first appointment.

HIPAA Privacy Policy

HIPAA AcknowledgementTo comply with federal HIPAA regulations, we will need to keep a signed acknowledgement that you have received our office privacy policy. If you want to complete this step before your first visit, please read our HIPAA Privacy Policy and print and complete the acknowledgement form.

HIPAA Acknowledgement (PDF)

Quadruple Visual Analogue Scale (optional)

We use this form to track your progress over the course of treatment.


What to expect during your first visit

Please allow about an hour for your first visit. One of our doctors will provide a consultation and present a treatment plan. An exam will be performed to determine the cause(s) of your problem. The exam may include physical, orthopedic, neurological and chiropractic tests. The initial exam may also include x-rays.

Dean Chiropractic

Future Visits

Follow-up visits usually take about 10-15 minutes. Sign in using our ChiroTouch system and monitor your progress.

Dean Chiropractic

Insurance & Payments

We accept most forms of insurance including medicare, auto accident and work related claims.  If our office has all the necessary information, we can file insurance claims.  A staff member will call to verify coverage with the insurance company and then discuss payment options with you to the best of our understanding.  We strive to complete this process during your first visit.

Patients are responsible for payment of those fees not covered by their insurance; including deductible and co-payment.  We realize that some of our patients have little or no insurance coverage, therefore we make every effort to offer flexible financial arrangements.

For your convenience, we accept cash, checks and most credit cards.

Credit Cards