Cox Technique


Working Towards Natural Healing

The Cox Technique is a chiropractic method developed over the past 48 years by Dr. James Cox, the preeminent chiropractic authority on spinal disc disease and treatment. The system and table developed by Dr. Cox allow for a gentle spinal decompression of herniated or ruptured discs. This decompression reduces the pressure inside the disc, rapidly reducing the bulge (herniation) and relieving painful pressure on spinal nerves.

The system is effective in lumbar (low back) conditions resulting in sciatica, leg pain, spinal canal stenosis and many other conditions of the lower lower leg, including pain, burning, numbness and weakness. It is also used to relieve cervical (neck) disc herniation relieving “pinched nerve” pain, numbness, tingling and other symptoms in the arms and upper back related to this condition. The highly specialized table, manufactured in Michigan by the same company that makes seats for GM’s Cadillac, allows the doctor smooth precise movement and a very high level of control. A gentle, oscillating stretch is applied to pull the disc back in its proper place, rapidly relieving painful pressure. All movements are slow, smooth and gentle. No rapid twisting or jerking is ever used.

Cox Flexion/distraction Technique is a non-surgical procedure that works with the body’s design to encourage a natural healing process, relieve spinal pain and return patients to the desired quality of life. The technique has been proven by a large number of clinical trials and studies. It upholds the rigorous scientific standard that we require from all of our procedures. Cox Flexion/distraction Technique is a highly effective alternative to back and neck surgery, even in cases so severe that it seems that surgical intervention is inevitable.

The Cox Technique has been studied and proven highly effective in the treatment of:

  • Back Pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Leg Pain
  • Spinal Stenosis
  • Disc-related pain including a slipped, bulging, ruptured or herniated disc.

The Cox technique can also be used as successful treatment in conjunction with the Activator Method. Dean Chiropractic is one of more than 63 percent of chiropractors in the United States to use the Cox Technique. Nearly 48 years of research, clinical experience and technology have contributed to the development and evolution of this innovative technique.

Both Dr. Dean and Dr. Jon of Dean Chiropractic have studied, personally, with Dr. Cox and continue regular studying with his organization to maintain certification in the technique.

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