Chiropractic Care Can Help Herniated Discs

If you have low back pain, sciatica, or pain in your upper back, you might already be aware that you have a herniated disc. Your orthopedic surgeon may offer you surgery or you may go online to explore other options on your own. You may even be wondering if a chiropractor can help. They can. Here are a few ways chiropractors facilitate pain relief for this condition.

Chiropractors may use cold laser therapy to relieve the pain and pressure on tissues, muscles and nerves associated with the disc. A body in pain produces more inflammation, which can slow healing and diminish health. Cold laser therapy reduces inflammation, so it is the perfect solution for many people suffering with herniated discs.

Chiropractors may use the Cox Technique to move the spine gently and rhythmically, reducing the tension that causes low back pain and puts pressure on the disc and nerve. Because surgery is not advisable for all conditions, it is best to see your chiropractor for an individual assessment.

They can also use Active Release Technique that allows the chiropractor to tailor your treatment specifically to your herniated disc issue and your unique physicality. ART allows the chiropractor to move your body in ways that work best to treat your lower back pain and protect your healthy discs from becoming herniated.

Regular visits to your chiropractor are perhaps the most important intervention of all. When you see your chiropractor regularly, they can manage your symptoms and work to relieve nerve pain and pressure to slow the progression of this painful condition. Contact Dean Chiropractic for an appointment or to learn more.

What is the Activator Method and How Does It Relieve Pain?

What is the Activator Method and How Does It Relieve Pain?

Chiropractic professionals utilize a wide selection of methods to address pain and stiffness throughout the body. One of the most effective methods used by the Chiropractors across the United States is the Activator Method Chiropractic Technique (AMCT). In this article, we will discuss how the method works to relieve pain and restore normalcy to your life.

Created by Arlan Fuhr, D.C., the Activator Method involves activating muscles specific to certain vertebrae along the spine. By doing this, patients experience almost immediate relief from pain. To activate the muscles, Chiropractors will have patients lie in a prone position and use a high-accuracy, purpose-built device to gently tap specific segments of vertebrae. This method is effective as it addresses the underlying cause of pain, instead of covering up the symptoms.

By directing the patient to conduct certain movements, chiropractors can isolate specific levels of the spine to determine which vertebrae segments are in need of attention. By observing various muscle reactions to these movements, it can be determined if a specific vertebra is not moving correctly. The gentle tap of the AMCT instrument resets the segment and provides immediate relief from pain.

As an active practitioner, Dean Chiropractic in Berkley, MI has provided patients relief from pinched nerves, headaches and general pain for 38 years using the Activator Method. To learn more about the Activator Method and the other techniques used at Dean Chiropractic, please visit our website or give us a call at (248) 543-3566.

The Importance of Treating the Underlying Causes of Pain

The Importance of Treating the Underlying Causes of Pain

Pain medications can seem like the simplest and most obvious way to treat low back pain, neck pain or a pinched nerve. Yet, they are not necessarily the best solution to your problem. When your chiropractor finds the underlying cause of your pain, you can deal with it directly rather than covering it up.

Pain Has a Message to Tell

Usually when you have pain, it signals that something is wrong with your body. You might have sciatica, a herniated disc or even TMJ. Your chiropractor can examine you and determine what that message is.

Pain Medications Can Cause More Problems than They Solve

Taking a medication to relieve the pain of a herniated disc or a pinched nerve may give you some temporary relief. However, it can also cause you to become dependent on the medication. The medication can impair your ability to function normally, increase your risk of depression and cause a rebound effect that causes you more pain than you started with when your initial problem presented. The bottom line is that your condition is not improved.

Masking Symptoms Often Leads to Re-Injury

When you don’t experience the pain of a problem you still have, you may not realize your condition is not cured. You may try to move the way you are used to moving without exercising the caution you should when you have an injury.

What to Do

If you suffer from sciatica, herniated disc, TMJ, or low back pain with pregnancy, see your chiropractor for an examination and safe and effective pain management. With options like the Cox Technique, Cold Laser Therapy and The Activator Method, you can not only feel better, but you can also have a healthier spine. To learn more about chiropractic care offered at Dean Chiropractic, please visit our website or give us a call to learn more or make an appointment.

How Can Laser Therapy Improve Recovery?

How Can Laser Therapy Improve Recovery?

Recovering from spinal problems like sciatica, neck pain or a herniated disc is easier when you get proper chiropractic care. Your chiropractor may suggest low level laser therapy as a way to speed healing and get you feeling better in less time than ever before. This cold laser therapy offers many advantages to traditional treatments.

Your chiropractor can treat your low back pain without invasive surgery or even injections using low level laser therapy. The clinician uses a cold laser about the size of a flashlight to ease soreness and relieve discomfort.

No Medication Needed
When you receive cold laser therapy, the laser does the work that medications have done in the past. Unlike medications, lasers don’t make you feel groggy or impair your ability to drive. With this treatment, you can also avoid the serious and often long-term side effects that medications can cause. And, if you have both lower back pain and pregnancy at the same time, chiropractic treatments that avoid medication are always preferable.

Relieves a Variety of Skeletal and Spinal Problems
In addition to back and neck pain, cold laser therapy can relieve pain and speed recovery for problems as diverse as TMJ, pinched nerves and herniated discs.

Can Be Used In Conjunction with Other Techniques
Skilled chiropractors use all of the means necessary and available to relieve pain and help you heal. Painful soft tissue injuries can be treated with the Active Release Technique. Neck, extremity and lower back pain can be treated with the Cox Technique. Chiropractors also use the activator method to treat spinal problems. Then, when the adjustment is completed, a cold laser therapy session can further reduce pain, help you relax and improve your recovery. If you are interested in receiving cold laser therapy, please visit our website or give us a call at (248) 543-3566.

Treat the Underlying Cause of Sciatica

Treat the Underlying Cause of Sciatica

Sciatica is the specific irritation of the sciatic nerve, which causes pain within the legs. This pain can be found in either the left, right or both legs and is specifically caused by inflammation and pressure. While the frequency of this pain differs between patients, chiropractic care has been found to address the underlying causes of sciatica and provide long-lasting, permanent relief.

The sciatic nerve extends from the lower back down the back of both the left and right legs. The severity of pain caused by sciatica varies. Some of the symptoms associated with sciatica are lower back pain, weakness moving legs and feet, and difficulty standing. These symptoms can be immobilizing, though medication and surgery are not the only options. To treat sciatica, chiropractors may use the Cox Technique, the Active Release Technique or cold laser treatment. The method of treatment utilized depends entirely on the cause of the nerve irritation. Fortunately, many patients find immediate relief from their pain after the very first visit.

Serving southeastern Michigan, Dean Chiropractic specializes in other common symptoms such as arthritis, degenerative disc disease, nerve damage and more. Dean Chiropractic is proud to offer our patients a pain free alternative to addictive medication. Even healthy individuals can benefit from regular spinal checkups which are key to preventative care, increasing the body’s ability to heal itself. To request an appointment, or learn more about the services we offer, please visit our website or give us a call at (248) 543-3566.

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