5 Benefits of Active Release

5 Benefits of Active Release

Active Release is a relatively new chiropractic technique that is often used in sports rehab and physical therapy. The technique is a very specific form of massage and movement to treat soft tissues that may have been damaged in an injury or due to a spinal problem like low back pain or herniated disc. ART has several benefits.

1) Eliminates old scar tissue that may be restricting joints.

If you have had surgery for lower back pain, sciatica or even herniated discs, scar tissue can reduce your ability to move, sit and stand normally. The active release technique breaks up and eliminates scar tissue and adhesions in your muscles.

2) Increases flexibility and range of motion.

As the scar tissue builds, your spine becomes less flexible. Your range of motion is impaired because you are not moving your body in your usual ways. With the scar tissue gone and your soft tissues healthier, you can move around easily, smoothly and effortlessly.

3) Quick recovery from injuries.

Athletes often choose Active Release because it has the potential of getting them back in the game sooner than other treatments. But, you don’t have to be a sports player to want to get back to your active life.

4) Pain reduction without surgery or medications.

ART reduces pain in the short term and over the long term as well. Even better, when the pain is gone, you are not left with a body you can’t move properly or a mind that is clouded by medications.

5) Successful treatment of spinal, skeletal and soft tissue conditions.

Active Release is one of the best solutions, not only for reducing pain, but also for the integrity of the bones, muscles and tendons involved.

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What Causes a Headache?

What Causes a Headache?

Headaches have many different origins. Many of these causes involve muscle tension due to sciatica, neck pain or lower back pain. When outside stimuli like bright lights or loud noises cause your headache, you know you can remove yourself from the situation to relieve the pain. But, when you have a headache and are unable to identify the cause, it could be a tension headache that your chiropractor can treat.

Some Reasons Why Our Patients Get Headaches

Spine injuries are often the culprits that cause severe headaches. Treating the spinal condition will usually eliminate the headache. Depending on your condition, we may choose cold laser therapy, the activator method, the Cox technique or active release as the best option for treating the injury as the source of the pain.

TMJ, or temporomandibular joint disorder, can cause pain in your jaw joint. The result is tension and tenderness. People with TMJ usually grind their teeth, causing pressure on the skull that brings on the headache pain. Chiropractors can use a variety of techniques to relieve pressure in the joint and ease the tension in the head.

Neck pain is another problem that is often associated with headaches. In fact, tension in the neck causes more primary headaches than any other source of headache pain. Chiropractic care can stop the headache pain by relieving physical pressure on the upper spine.

Patients who are prone to getting headaches but want to avoid them should visit our chiropractic clinic for routine adjustments. Chiropractic care can reduce or eliminate headaches. Better yet, it can keep you from getting them in the first place. Contact Dean Chiropractic for an appointment and to learn more.

Is There Relief for Sciatica?

Is There Relief for Sciatica?

Sciatica is that distinct lower back pain that starts in your spine and spreads downward. The pain can be excruciating because the nerve is compressed. The nerve pain can affect your hips and travel down the outside of your leg all the way to the foot. Although many people decide they must live with it as it is, the condition is actually very treatable.

Cox Technique

Your chiropractor may offer to provide you with treatment using the Cox Technique if you have sciatica, even if you have lower back pain and pregnancy. It is a method of spinal manipulation that is so effective it can replace back surgery. Regardless of whether the low back pain is due to a minor injury or a long-term condition, this technique can relieve the pain of sciatica.

Active Release Technique

If you have a soft tissue injury that is contributing to your sciatica, Active Release Technique may be the treatment of choice. This technique can help you overcome the pain of muscles you overuse while trying to walk and move with lower back pain.

Cold Laser Therapy

Many patients describe sciatica as a severe pain that causes a tingling and burning sensation. Cold laser therapy can reduce these painful feelings while it heals the muscles, nerves and tissues involved.

Regular Chiropractic Visits

If you are prone to bouts of sciatica, the best thing you can do is to see your chiropractor regularly. Keeping those scheduled chiropractic appointments can reduce your tendency to suffer from this condition while it helps relieve the pain you are already feeling. So, is there relief for sciatica? The answer is a resounding “yes!”

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